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Trim and Proper Property Services is a trading division of Spectrum Community Focus Ltd (SCF), a not for profit organisation with the mission to alleviate poverty by providing employment and training
opportunities for socially disadvantaged, long term unemployed and Indigenous Australians. This area of the community is greatly in need of assistance though often overlooked by the wider community and
other charities.

Trim and Proper with the assistance of sister company, SCO Recruitment, is self-funded and operates as a commercial business, holding contracts with Government organisations including;
Department of Housing NSW,
Sydney Catchment Authority,
NSW Parks and Wildlife.

Trim and Proper Property Services works as an employment incubator. Many of the people employed by Trim and Proper Property Services have grown up in a family and community environment where most of the
people they interact with do not work or may have never worked. In extreme cases this can involve third generation unemployed people, where neither their parents nor grandparents have held employment.

By working closely with these staff we are able to develop team players with a strong work ethic. These employees then have the option of staying within Trim and Proper or finding alternate employment.
We understand that our clients require a service of the highest standard and we can assure that all Trim and Proper staff are carefully vetted before they are sent out to work in the field. We work with
the Trim and Proper team to help them access other benefits such as financial planning, medical assistance, counselling and life coaching.

The success of this program in changing the lives of not only the employee but their families and the people in their communities is phenomenal. Many of our staff has referred family, friends and neighbours
to us who have since found employment. We have found that having one person employed in a social housing community leads to greater employment levels overall. Many of our employees are able to move themselves
and their entire families out of social housing, even being the first to buy their own home within their families in generations. It is not just the financial benefit of employment that makes the difference
+for these people; it is the pride and self-esteem that comes from meeting challenges and working in a team.

As SCF is a not for profit it is subject to strict external auditing for its operations as well as its relationship with all of its clients. This ensures that the relationship is beneficial to the strategic
objectives of each entity and prevents any unethical business practices.

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